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Currently this radio is being restored, the chrome front panel is at the platters and a replacement power supply amplifier is under re-construction. McMurdo used two different PSA designs, mine will use 5Z2 and 2-45 output tubes. The receiver chassis contains an RF amp, pentagrid converter, three 465 kHz. IFs, diode 2nd detector, BFO and two stages of audio driving a push-pull output driver audio transformer. It covers 530kHz. To 28MHz. In four bands.

1932 McMurdo Silver Masterpiece II radio

In 1936 another new model appeared, the Masterpiece V. A complete re-design, in addition to the use of metal tubes were incorporated, the set now had a larger and more impressive dial and front panel. The much-refined circuit used two 6K7's in the RF stages, a 6L7 mixer, a 6J7 oscillator, three 6K7's in the IF, a 6Q7 second detector and first audio, a 6K7 and 6H6 as AVC amplifier and rectifier, two 6C5's in push-pull driving two metal 6L6's in the output, and two 5Z3 rectifiers. In addition, the receiver had a volume-expander using a 6L7, 6C5 and a 6H6.

1936 McMurdo Silver Masterpiece V radio  on Carlton speaker cabinet

A 6G5 Tuning-eye tube replaced the meter used in previous models. This was McMurdo Silver's first major attempt to capture some of Scott's high-end market. The IF bandwidth control retained the system used in the previous model; three stages for maximum selectivity, and just one for high-fidelity local reception. Bass and treble controls were used, along with the new volume expander control. The audio system was now resistance-coupled, eliminating the interstage transformer which was a feature of earlier designs. Bass and treble controls are cut only but bass boost is accomplished in the volume control circuit. The 25Watt power amplifier drives an 18” Jensen electro-dynamic speaker mounted in a lined infinite baffle speaker enclosure for superior bass response.

1936 McMurdo Silver Masterpiece V radio  in Warrington cabinet

McMurdo Silver Masterpiece Collection

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