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The Sparton 516 radio was introduced in 1935, a five tube superheterodyne three band tombstone wood case radio.  The inherent sensitivity, selectivity and tone quality of the super-heterodyne is a feature of this receiver.  The radio uses a dual tuned RF section ahead of the oscillator-converter stage, results in a compact receiver of excellent performance good selectivity and reasonable sensitivity.

1935 Sparton model 516  MW SW tombstone radio

Mirrored radios have always been treasured by vintage radio collectors. They are a combination of beauty and function, making them uniquely desirable. The Sparks-Withington Company (Sparton) produced some of the most interesting mirrored radios from 1935 to 1939, and their radios are the subject of this article.

1935 Sparton model 557 “Sled” mirrored radio

Sparton plus Collection

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