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During the year after introduction of the ALL-WAVE 12 Deluxe Scott’s engineers incorporate the antenna tuning feature found on earlier Scott radios, it increased the sensitivity while reducing the lead-in noise.  Although the ALL-WAVE 12 Deluxe included a tuning meter whose needle cast a shadow on the back of the tuning dial it was improved. The antenna tuner was made automatic by improving the coupling to the RF amplifier with a fixed input impedance and a fixed antenna impedance matching devise was added too.

1932 EH Scott model All-Wave 12 Deluxe radio

The All-Wave 15 receiver covers four bands; MW 550-200 Meters (1,510kHz. to 500kHz.), SW-(1) 61-200M (4.2MHz. to 1.4MHz.), SW-(2) 23-61M (9.7MHz. to3.8MHz.) and SW-(3) 15-23M (23MHz. to 9.5MHz.). The receiver chassis tube complement includes a single 58 pentode tube as an RF amplifier. The antenna RF tuned tanks are shielded coils in two chrome cans. The MW band has a separate can with a leaf switch that’s cam driven to short out the MW coil when using the SW bands and the three SW band tuned circuits that have five trimmers, two are balancing trimmers for the low SW band.

1934 EH Scott model All-Wave 15 radio  —  soon to be delivered

Type: Standard U.S.Navy Shipboard Moral Receiver. During World War II, specially shielded, low radiation receivers were produced for shipboard use in both communications and entertainment applications.

1944 EH Scott model RCH Navy “Moral” radio

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