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List of ongoing personal and client restoration projects.

Currently this radio is being restored, the chrome front panel is at the platters and a replacement power supply amplifier is under re-construction. McMurdo used two different PSA designs, mine will use 5Z2 and 2-45 output tubes. 10/01/2010

This is underway, a full 100% electronic and cabinet refinishing project for a client. The radio restoration is finished and it’s working great. Going back to the client this week.

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A $20 find that’s been electronically restored and working fine. The wood cabinet is photofinished and can be saved.

The radio has been fully restored, all new chrome, RF-IF aligned, 5uV sensitivity, power supply amplifier new chrome and tubes (80 2-45s) and an original 12” EH Scott Magnavox speaker which needs to be reconed. A great radio indeed.

McMurdo Silver Masterpiece II radio

1938 Zenith 6S229 radio

Project name 5

1938 Zenith model 7J232 “Walton” radio

Project name 2

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