Majestic Radios

The Majestic 463 is a 6 tube radio offering the AM broadcast band and became one of the cherished "Smart Set" series of 1934 Majestic radios models that offered varying degrees of Art Deco designed cabinetry. 

The initial dealer advertising for the model 463 read, "Modern design lends new charm to this table model.  Note the rich combination of black walnut and lace wood, and the polished chromium grille and escutcheon plate."


Grigsby Grunow Majestic News from 1934


Never long withdrawn from public attention are the names of William Carl Grunow and Bertram James Grigsby. Year after year, the behavior of the common stock of their Grigsby-Grunow (Majestic) radio manufacturing company has been the sensation of the Chicago Exchange. For this reason, and because the radio industry is a potential and actual sufferer in time of depression, general interest was attached last week to these items of Grigsby-Grunow news:

Sales of Majestic sets for three months ended May 31 were $221,000 as against $244,000 in the same period last year.

Refrigerators. Production of new Majestic Household Utilities Co., first Grigsby-Grunow step toward diversification (TIME, April 28) begins in July. Maiden product: a mechanical refrigerator.

Resignation. From Radio Manufacturers' Association, enthusiastic Mr. Grunow and precise Mr. Grigsby last week in indignation retired. Reasons: Radio Corp. of America is establishing monopoly by recent purchase of General Electric & Westinghouse patents. Radio Manufacturers' Association refuses to help the U. S. government investigate Radio Corp. or act to prevent Radio Corp. monopoly.

Majestic Radios

5460 Superstition Drive

Las Cruces† NM† 88011


Phone: 575 521-0018

Cell: 408 206-0693


Complete Radio Service and Speedy Too.

Lighted rear painted glass advertising sign with rotating world placed in 1929 by Grigsby Grunow Majestic in retail store windows along with their display of radios. It uses two 70† Watt incandescent† lamps, their heat causing the printed cylinder to rotate slowly.

Thatís 90B high-boy reverse painted with a family listening.